Mercedes Benz E63 Style Front Bumper w/ Foglight for E Class with PDC


  • $ 40000

E63 Style Front Bumper & Fog for E Class with PDC

Fits: 03-09 Mercedes Benz E Class Sedan / Wagon W211

W211 E63 Style Front Bumper for all 2003-2009 W211 E Class Vehicles. Will Fit Mercedes E320 E350 E500 E550 E55 E63 Sedan and Wagons WITH Parking Sensors.


- Bumper

- Left / Right Chrome Strips

- Tow Hook Cover

- Lower Bumper Mesh Grilles

- Fog Lights

- Headlight Washer Covers

Note: If you have a 2003-2006 E class, you will need the 2007-2009 front grille. You will also need 211 887 03 27 (pull for the hood latch), 211 880 07 03 (center inner plastic support), 211 880 09 03 (inner plastic support left side), 211 880 10 03 (inner plastic support right side). These parts can be sourced at your local BENZ dealership.

Note: For 2003-2006 model, you will need to transfer the parking sensor brackets from your old bumper to the new E63 bumper.

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