13+ Ford Focus ST Street Series Coilover

Megan Racing

  • $ 89900

Megan Racing Street Series Coilover

Fits: 2013+ Ford Focus ST

F: 62mm ID; 180mm length; 7 kg/mm
R: 190mm length; 5 kg/mm

F: 110mm stroke; 220mm length
R: 133mm stroke; 210mm length

- 32 Levels of Damper Force Adjustment
- Pillow Ball Upper Mounts
- Rubber Dust Boot
- Adjustable Ride Height
- Aggressive Spring Rates
- Single-Cylinder Design
- Aluminum Brackets
- 1x Bracket to hold headlight cable

32 Levels of Adjustment:
1-8: Suggested for track use.
9-16: Suggested for mountain/aggressive use.
17-32: Suggested for common street use.

- All coil-over damper kits come with 1 year manufacturer-defect warranty.

Megan Racing Coil-Over Dampers are the ultimate upgrade to your track or street car. Featuring 32 levels of damper force adjustment, separate spring perch height and shock length adjustment allowing you to retain full suspension stroke and to fine tune your suspension characteristics. These damper kits are then perfectly matched with front and rear Pillow Ball upper mounts, including camber plates integrated with the upper Pillow Ball mounts on strut-type suspension applications.

Dampers can handle +2kg/mm or -2kg/mm spring rate change.

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